Holiday Gifts for The Motorcycle Enthusiast

Dec 15, 2018

RANDOM MOTORCYCLE GEAR BUYER’S TIP: How ’bout some bike bling!

The Holidays are a great time to get with family and friends.  Nothing celebrates the season more than giving (and, receiving) a thoughtful gift — or motorcycle gear!

I know a lot of you aren’t necessarily motorcycle riders, so I thought I’d make your gift giving adventures a little less adventurous by providing you a short list of things that every rider would appreciate getting as a Holiday present.  Here’s my Top 10 list for this season (BTW – they’re in no particular order, I just like Top 10 lists:

10.  Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear Detail Kit:  Designed to clean, condition and waterproof all colors of finished leather and vinyl. Rider’s love shiny seats!

9. Hot Leathers Apparel works for men and women who like to walk on the wild side!

8. Riding Goggles: Gotta look cool and you can never have too many!

7. Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jackets: They have one for every rider’s taste and style.

6.  Tourmaster Battery Heated Womens Vest: Something to keep the lady riders toasty warm on cooler riding days.

5. Stockton Roadside Tool Kit: It will give you piece of mind, just in case they break-down.

4.  Alpinestar’s Oscar Rayburn Gloves just feel right. Splurge a little!

3. Women’s Motorcycle Shirts are something the lady riders are sure to love!

2. Cycle Gear Gift Cards: Who doesn’t want a gift card and Cycle Gear’s has lots of cool biker gear to purchase. So, you can’t go wrong.

1.  Scorpion’s  Covert Moto Flannel shirt is great for cool days. I wish I had a 2XL in black plaid for those winter days when I take her out for a ride!

I think I covered items that fit a wide-range of budgets. I hope this guide helps you with your holiday shopping.

(PS – If you are a rider and you think a friend or loved one is stumped about what to get for you, why not send them a link to this blog post. It can only help you both!)

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