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Mar 28, 2012

After more than two decades of providing advice and services to senior leaders of organizations, big and small – many of them household names like IBM, Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase – I’ve learned the importance of remaining top-of-mind.

That said, I’ve found that it is also essential to add value as you do. So, I’ve decided to begin to share some key points from my most recent book, The Best Practices Enterprise.

Here’s this week’s tip:

When in trouble, focus on the fundamentals

By focusing on the fundamentals, businesses can begin to introduce new, and extend existing programs, that position them to be nimble and quick, while still growing and evolving into broad-reaching and highly profitable organizations.

The seven business programs that comprise the Best Practices Enterprise Philosophy™include:

· Program-Centric Strategic Planning

· Resilience-Built IT Architecture Design

· Results-Focused Communications

· Portfolio-Based Project Management

· Uninterrupted Business Redesign

· Workforce Inclusion

· Continuous Employee Improvement

There are no silver bullets among them, but, together they form an indispensable strategic underpinning that can make the difference between long-term success and failure for any organization within the new epoch.

I hope this idea resonates with you.

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I’ll bring you a new tip every few weeks.

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