Reviews and Interviews on My Latest Leadership Book

It’s Good To Be King

Learning to Be an Exceptional Leader: Interview by Skip Prichard

How To Future-Proof Your Company’s Organizational Design: Interview by Irene O’Connell

Inc. Magazine Playbook Video Series

3 Ways to Inspire Your Employees to Greatness

Executive Insights Interview – Mr. Andrew Clancy (5 Part Series)

Part 1 – Barriers to Collaboration (Watch)

Part 2 – Managing Naysayers (Watch)

Part 3 – Maximizing Cooperation (Watch)

Part 4 – Problems Disguised as Communication Issues (Watch)

Part 5 – Inspiring Initiative (Watch) 

More Media for You to Enjoy

CBS Radio Interview – Ray Dunaway Show (Listen)

Investor’s Business Daily Interview – By Michael Mink

SiriusXM Radio Interview – Wharton Business Radio channel – Innovation Navigation (Listen)

SoundviewLive Webinar (Watch)

Partner In Success Radio Interview – With host Denise Griffitts (Listen)

Forbes Magazine Reviews The Executive Checklist – By Roger Trapp

Setting Direction and Change Management Discussion – With host Chris Ducker (Listen)

10 Building Blocks for Today’s Leadership – CIO Insight

Lessons from Pixar for Improving Collaboration – Fox Business

Business Success Requires More Than Good Checklists – Forbes

Positive Business Radio Interview – With hosts Raskin & Adams (Listen)

Performance I Create Book Review – by Chris Ponder II

Work That Matters Interview – with host Shawn Murphy (Listen)

5 Ways to Increase Trust Interview – By Skip Prichard of Leadership Insights

Focus on Employees Before Customers – SeattlePI

33Voices Interview – With host and founder of the West Coast Think Tank, Moe Abdou (Listen)

Hartford Business Journal Interview – By Chief Business Editor

Insurance Innovation Reporter Interview – By Anthony R. O’Donnell

TotalPicture Radio Interview – With host Peter Clayton (Listen)

Business Insanity Radio Interview – With host Barry Moltz (Listen)

Management Issues Interview –  By David Bosdet, Executive Editor

Blogging on Business Interview – By Bob Morris

Blogging on Business Book Review – By Bob Morris

Management Issues Book Review – By Steve Marlin

Project@Work Book Review – By Sean LaRue

LeadershipStrategy Book Review – Jeff Johns

Tips from the Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf – Teach a CEO

Breakthrough Radio Interview – With host Michele Price (Listen to Part 1)

Breakthrough Radio Interview – With host Michele Price (Listen to Part 2)

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