The program leads you and your organization through a process of evaluating where it is across each of The Executive Checklist’s ten main checkpoints and helps you develop an action plan tailored to your enterprise’s specific needs.

The program consists of three major elements:

  • Pre-Workshop Baseline Survey (1 Day)

    Helps you gather and evaluate the right information about your organization’s current state.

  • Executive Checklist Workshop (3 Days)

    Helps you determine the actions needed to bridge the gaps between your current state and where you want to bring the organization in the future, which culminates in the creation of an Executive Checklist Action Plan.

  • Post-Workshop Recommendation Clinic (1 Day)

    Helps you fine-tune the projects and programs that were identified and developed for your organization’s plan.

If this sounds like something that can help you drive needed change in your enterprise then please call Jim at (800) 944-4662 or send him a note at jkerr@executive-checklist.com to schedule a time to talk.

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